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We have a problem. All across our towns and cities, the Church is dividing along ethnic lines.

We believe that the UK evangelical Church is blessed with a vibrant tapestry of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ethnicities. But so often, the people of God are only worshipping, working and doing mission with people who look like them.

Will you play your part in seeing divides crossed and barriers broken down? We build relationships and form friendships with key national leaders from across ethnic backgrounds as part of our One People Commission. We love diversity and affirm it, but ultimately we long to see the Church united as one, for the sake of effective mission in our nations.

By supporting the One People Commission, you can help make this profound unity a reality.

Supporting the One People Commission is easy. By giving just £3 a month you could enable the beautifully diverse Church to be truly united. Your money makes a huge difference.

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