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What would our country look like if Christians never campaigned in politics? Over the past 170 years, the Evangelical Alliance has spoken out in parliament on behalf of evangelical Christians across the country – a united voice ensuring Christians are heard on issues that matter deeply. We've helped tackle slavery, poor working conditions, threats to religious liberty, and have supported traditional marriage and prison reform, to name just a few.

Yet this work is never finished. There is so much still to do; and so much to come that will need a strong, united Christian voice to speak out and be heard by those in the corridors of power.

With your help, the voice of the Church will be heard and taken into account when laws are being passed. With your support, those in power will realise the immense force for good that Christians represent. We need your help to do this.

Please, could you give just £3 a month to make sure Christians are heard in the corridors of power? Your money makes a huge difference.

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