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Other publications

A list of other publications produced by members of the Alliance's Theology Advisory Group.

Edited by Derek Tidball, David Hilborn and Justin Thacker
When a popular British evangelical leader appeared to denounce the idea that God was punishing Christ in our place on the cross as a 'twisted version of events,' 'morally dubious,' and a 'huge barrier to faith' that should be rejected in favour of preaching only that God is love, major controversy was stirred. Many thought the idea of penal substitution was at the heart of the evangelical understanding of the cross, if not the only legitimate interpretation of the death of Christ. The public debate which resulted was often heated. In order to act as reconcilers, the Evangelical Alliance and the London School of Theology called for a symposium in which advocates of the different positions could engage with each other. The symposium, which was attended by some 200 participants, was held when the 7 July bombings took place in London and drew together many of Britain's finest evangelical theologians. This book contains the collection of papers given at the symposium, supplemented by a few others for the sake of rounding out the agenda, and grouped in convenient sections.
Published in 2008 by Zondervan. Available to purchase online.

Movement for Change: Evangelical Perspectives on Social Transformation
Edited by David Hilborn
Encouraging Alliance members to take their place at the heart of a movement for change in contemporary Britain by looking back at the many constructive contributions to the transformation of society made by British evangelicals in recent history.
Published in 2004 by Paternoster Press. Available to purchase online.

'Toronto' in Perspective
Edited by David Hilborn
Six prominent evangelical scholars and writers offer their reflections on the controversial 'Toronto Blessing' seven years after it exploded onto the church scene. Includes an introduction and conclusion reflecting the Evangelical Alliance's perspective on this and other charismatic phenomena.
Published in 2001 by Paternoster Press. Available to purchase online.