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21st Century Evangelicals - Discuss

21st Century Evangelicals - Discuss

Research to make a difference

These reports have got us talking!

The Evangelical Alliance has no plans to put them on a bookcase and forget about them. We plan to keep them open, explore the data in more depth and keep talking about how we should respond. Already we have had many fascinating and thought-provoking conversations. We hope you'll join us in these conversations.

You can join in the discussion more widely, or ask questions about the research, using the comment section below.

Church leaders and mission planners can make use of the research as they pray and plan ministry, and develop new strategies to reach and serve today's communities. If you're involved in church leadership, make sure everyone in your team takes a look at the reports.

Then spend some time discussing some of the questions that this research raises.

Click for discussion questions from each of our reports:

We are here to help you understand the findings and think through the implications for God's work in your situation. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in us making a presentation at your event, taking part in or helping the Alliance to put on some form of consultation meeting or seminar about specific aspects or implications of the research please email Lucy (l.olofinjana@eauk.org) and we will try to help.