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21 February 2012

Resources for home groups

Resources for home groups

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Purpose Driven UK

Scripture Union

Evangelical Alliance
Our 21st Century Evangelicals research provides fascinating discussion points for small groups on relevant themes. These include evangelism, church life, education and money. You can find the reports and discussion questions online. Visit www.eauk.org/snapshot to find out more about the research and join the panel.


Top Tips on Leading Small Groups
By Simon Barker and Steve Whyatt
Published by Scripture Union, 2009. Price £2.99

Go Big with Small Groups: Explosive Growth Through Small Group Ministry
By Bill Easum and John Atkinson
Published by Abingdon Press 2007

Biblical Foundation for Small Group Ministry
By Gareth Weldon
Published by IVP 1994. ISBN 9780830817719. Price £9.99

Lets Get Started!: How to Begin Your Small Groups Ministry
By Dan Lentz
Published by Standard Publishing Co. 2007. ISBN 9780784720738. Price £5.00

Homegroups - The Authentic Guide. By Steve and Mandy Briars
A straightforward guide with practical tips on setting up and improving your own homegroup
Published by Authentic, 2006. ISBN 1850786542. Price £7.99.

Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders
By Greg Bowman and Bill Donahue
A resource for small group coaches who want to lead and shepherd with excellence. It also features a section specifically for leaders who are responsible for setting up small-group structures in the church.
Published by Zondervan, 2006. ISBN 0310251796.

The Spirit-filled Small Group
By Joel Comiskey
Published by Chosen Books, 2005. ISBN 0800793862.

Growth Groups - Manual
By Colin Marshall
Leading small groups where Christians grow
Published by Matthias Media. ISBN 9781875245406. Price £8.50

Growth Groups - Leaders handbook
By Colin Marshall
A guide to training a group of people in how to lead a small group.
Published by Matthias Media. ISBN 9781875245413. Price £5.00

Leading Better Bible Studies
By Karen and Rod Morris
A comprehensive guide for Bible study leadership.
Published by Aquila Press ISBN 9781875861354. Price £9.00

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups, Revised: A Comprehensive Leadership Tool for Small Group Leaders
By Greg Bowman and Bill Donahue
Small group guidebook for cultivating small groups that foster discipleship and grow fruitful followers of Christ.
Published by Zondervan 2002 ISBN 9780310247500

Making Small Groups Work: What Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know
by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
Published by Zondervan 2003. ISBN 9780310250289

Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry: A Troubleshooting Guide for Church Leaders
By Bill Donahue and Ross Robinson
Published by Zondervan 2002. ISBN 9780310247067. Price £15.99

Small Group Leader’s Toolkit
By Dave Earley
Published by TOUCH Outreach Ministries 2008 ISBN 9780978877972

Housegroups Leaders' Survival Guide
Edited by Ian Coffey and Stephen Gaukroger
Published by Crossway Books (IVP), 1996. ISBN 978 1856841480. Price £4.99.

All of the above resources are available either from your local Christian bookseller or from internet retailers.


Cell UK
Encourages and promotes the development of cell churches across the denominations in the United Kingdom and provides a range of resources for those interested in cell church.
Bible Society
Lyfe Programme
Purpose Driven UK
Scripture Union