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06 September 2017

What kind of society? - Full resource  

What kind of society? - Full resource

The Evangelical Alliance wants to encourage Christians to bring vision and hope to society. Based around four principles of love, freedom, justice and truth, principles deeply rooted in the Christian faith, the What kind of society? resource provides a starting point for Christian engagement. 

It is our firm conviction, and the basis upon which we produce this resource, that the Christian faith has good news and is good news for all people. We believe that the truth of the gospel is the greatest news that any person can hear, and we also believe that Christian teaching and biblical principles provide the best anchor for our society. Such vision has a great track record. It has benefited many in the past and can help many more thrive in the future. 

The language of love, freedom, justice and truth resonates strongly in our contemporary society. These things are of enduring importance for everyone, and we want to see them lived out and made real in our communities and neighbourhoods.

Below is the full resource which is also available for download. If you are interested in getting hold of a printed copy, these can be purchased online, please email d.webster@eauk.org if you would like to make a bulk order. A summary booklet is also available here.